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July 6, 2013

EKTso @ 9:46 am #

Thank you so much it looooooooooks DEEEEEliciOUS!! I love your videos! I was actually looking back at itsjudyslife "Baby Faceplant" video from back in february, I was wondering if you could share what kind of rice cooker you were using! it looked soo amazing? what brand, size, and functions does it have? thank you!

SunshineChocs @ 10:00 am #

It seems so yummy.
Im gonna try this today :D

luvrainn @ 11:08 am #

Dang benjj haha youre good at this, great promoter

lovepink358 @ 2:35 pm #

i love that youve been uploading lots more cooking videos lately, dont stop!

danggirrl1 @ 6:27 pm #

benji's cooking repetoire…as limited as his vocabulary

Sassy Besos @ 7:36 pm #

Wow, some ppl are so mean. I don't get why ppl take time to spread negative energy. Any way I love this simple, practical recipe Benji. Be blessed and stay encouraged

27laurenmae @ 7:44 pm #

I just made this for dinner and it's amazzzing! love it

09mjeternity @ 8:11 pm #

Dont cum in ur pants now im sure it wasn't that good

msxtine2u @ 8:15 pm #

My hubby & I are having this right now with our salad and it's amazing :) thanks for sharing this recipe.

Veronica Salazar @ 9:06 pm #

Makin your pasta dish tonight :) thanks for sharing!

mjonist @ 9:23 pm #

Your recipe was amazinnnnn! Loved it(:

jannybunnybanani @ 10:59 pm #

Hey, tried this today in the frying pan! YUMMY!! Thanks Benji

Lola Immunology @ 11:23 pm #

Lobster cake tutorial nowwwwwwwww… before I get pissed out lol

wolbi01 @ 11:26 pm #

Hi Benji just want to thank you for posting these video's up on youtube for husbands like myself who hardly cook but now I have been cooking since the start of this year. Wife loves how she does nothing except wait for food to be served at the dinner table every night. Never really appreciated cooking but now found something that I can enjoy and relax to and make people smile while eating. Thanks Benji.

joserodriguez2100 @ 11:37 pm #

this is my hubby 's channel …gonna try it today. it looks yummerrrsss and easy.

Marisa P @ 11:42 pm #

Love everything you make keep the recipes coming!!!!

July 7, 2013

cardenas0610 @ 1:35 am #

Review on you grill please.

dyannalz @ 1:55 am #

Sooooo trying this tomorrow!!!! Thanks benji

hayoungpark29 @ 2:01 am #

thanks benji!!:)

Jane Song @ 2:30 am #

what knives do you use benji?

queensnazzy1 @ 3:18 am #

Looks yummy. I'm gonna try it tomorrow along with asparagus!

Maria Bonilla @ 4:18 am #

Looks super delicious

Irene Morgan @ 6:22 am #

I made this

Irene Morgan @ 6:29 am #

Made this for supper. I used an indoor grill to cook it . Sliced it up and served it over homemade pasta with cherry tomatoe and basil sauce. OmG Benji my hubbie loved it. Excellent recipe that can be served in a number of ways. Thank you for sharing it…

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